Windsor Commercial Vacuums

Queen Mary's Brand Rating based 1-10 scale

Overall Cleaning: 8
Ease of use: 8
Reliability: 10
Typical life of vacuum used commercially: 7 years

    Queen Mary gives Windsor an OVERALL 9

*Queen Mary's Vacuum ratings are based off over 100 years of certified technician knowledge, sales experience, warranty information, past/present company history, and current comparable products.

Windsor Commercial Vacuums

Queen Mary's Vacuum, Sewing, & Allergy Center handle a variety of Windsor parts and supplies. Whether it be paper bags, filters, brush rolls, or miscellaneous parts Queen Mary's can meet your Windsor needs. We can do the repair for you or simply sell you the part.

Windsor supports Smart vacuuming:

These machines will protect you and itself from misuse. If a bag is missing from the dust collection compartment, the Sensor S's door will not close and the machine will not run if either the bag or the filter is not in place.

Equipped with indicator lights that light up if the vacuum bag is full, the brush height needs to be adjusted, or if there is a brush jam. If these precautionary lights are ignored, the machine will automatically shut down, protecting your employees and your machine from potential harm.

If you have Windsor vacuum needs please contact Queen Mary's Vacuum, Sewing, & Allergy Center of Evansville, Indiana today!

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