Queen Mary's Vacuum, Sewing, & Allergy Center

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Michelle K.

FIVE STARS!! My cheap vac (that I've only owned a year) stopped working and I decided it's time for a good quality vacuum that will last for a long time. The customer service was great. With help from the salesperson, he gave great demonstrations, and uncovered my needs for my home. I purchased an awesome new Sebo Vacuum and it's never been so easy to keep all my floors and home clean. I'll never go anywhere else!

Eric A.

Just visited Queen Mary's to get my Dyson serviced. I never dreamed my wife or I would ever use another vacuum. But after being educated about our new Simplicity.....we made the best decision for our carpet of our life!!! I'll admit, we're neat freaks! Lol. The Simplicity does twice the job on our carpets as our former Dyson. Don't miss it a bit! Thank you guys so much!!! But besides the vacuum, we're even more grateful for your genuine character and no pressure approach. We'll definitely be back!

Eric R.

Awesome customer service. Went in looking for a new sweeper and left with one of the best. Absolutely love my Sebo! They were very knowledgeable and educated me on the type of vacuum that fit my needs best!

Amanda H.

Amanda H.

I purchased a Simplicity vacuum and could not have been happier with my purchase and the service. The staff was very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend

Donna S.

So impressed with the store, I work for a cleaning company for years and we use Sebo sweepers . ( Sebo is the most durable sweeper I've ever used ) This store has all the answers to the questions I have , Best customer service ever .Thanks one happy customer

Gerrrit D.

I own a SEBO vacuum cleaner. These folks know their stuff. Great service, great people.

Krista C.

What an awesome staff! I went in with my broke down vacuum and they showed me some new technology in the vacuum industry. I ended up leaving with a new Sebo that I just love.

Rhonda T.

I was in the Queen Mary last week with a problem with a vacuum cleaner so helpful nice and I will definitely go back when I buy my new vacuum cleaner.

Melissa Tinsley Clark

So I've never been more excited about a vacuum cleaner in my life. Queen Mary's Vacuum, Sewing, & Allergy Center-formerly DAVCO were great! I've never been excited to actually vacuum my house haha! If you want a new vacuum or sewing machine or need yours repaired, they are great! Also I think this makes me an adult now?

Jeremy S.

I was so impressed with the service and knowledge of the employee who showed me how a vacuum can make such a difference with my allergies. After using my simplicity I have notice such a big difference. Worth the money !!

Tricia R.

I now have more knowledge on my Shark vacuum than ever! Super friendly, and very helpful!! Will tell all my friends and family!!!