Sewing Machine Repair

Sewing Machine Repair

Queen Mary’s Vacuum, Sewing, & Allery Center offers affordable and thorough 55-Point Sewing Machine Services, check out some of the more important items below that we will cover for you!


  • Needle bar height
  • Hook timing
  • Feed timing
  • Belt tension
  • Gear spacing
  • Motor speed


  • Complete blowout
  • Bobbin case cleaning tension spring cleaning
  • Sewing head brush out
  • Motor blow out


  • Primary drive shaft bearings are oiled
  • All moving sections of the shuttle assembly and sewing head are oiled through
  • Proper grease for gears is applied after cleaning the gear teeth properly


  • The upper tension is set to the bobbin tension so that the factory setting is set and the stitch is properly balanced on both sides so the stitch is properly locked.
  • Obstructions to proper stitch creation is checked, burrs, pressure foot damage, or needle plate damage
  • Pressure bar pressure is set to create the proper stitch


  • Primary stitch functions are tested with multiple needle positions in at least three stitch tests
  • The feed functions are also tested in several length settings and reverse functions
  • Broken sewing machines can be frustrating