Rainbow Vacuums

Queen Mary’s Brand Rating based 1-10 scale

Overall Cleaning: 8
Ease of use: 6
Reliability: 8
Typical life of vacuum: 7 years

    Queen Mary gives Rainbow an OVERALL 7.5

*Queen Mary’s Vacuum ratings are based off over 100 years of certified technician knowledge, sales experience, warranty information, past/present company history, and current product trends.

Rainbow Vacuum Products

Queen Mary’s Vacuum, Sewing, & Allergy Center represent a variety of Rainbow vacuum parts and supplies. Whether it’s HEPA filters, accessory tools, vacuum belts, vacuum bags, or miscellaneous parts Queen Mary’s will meet your Rainbow vacuum needs. We can do the repair for you or simply sell you the part.

Rainbow vacuums have a strong history and reputation of being one of the most quality bagless canisters on the market. The average Rainbow vacuum lasts 2-3 times longer than traditional vacuums! Rainbow Vacuums utilize water as the main filter system of each unit. This offers a unique perspective on cleaning with a Rainbow vacuum.

If you have Rainbow vacuum needs please contact Queen Mary’s Vacuum, Sewing, & Allergy Center of Evansville, Indiana today!