Hoover Products

Hoover Products

Queen Mary’s Brand Rating based 1-10 scale

Overall Cleaning: 6
Ease of use: 6.5
Reliability: 5.5
Typical life of products: 3 years

    Queen Mary gives Hoover products an OVERALL 5.9

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*Queen Mary’s Vacuum ratings are based off over 100 years of certified technician knowledge, sales experience, warranty information, past/present company history, and current product comparability.

Queen Mary’s Vacuum, Sewing, & Allergy Center represent a variety of Hoover products, parts and supplies. Whether it’s HEPA filters, accessory tools, vacuum belts, vacuum bags, or miscellaneous parts Queen Mary’s will meet your Hoover needs. We can demonstrate products, do the repairs for you , or simply sell you a part. If you would like more information on Hoover products please give us a call.

For your Hoover product needs please contact Queen Mary’s Vacuum, Sewing, & Allergy Center today!
Queen Mary’s Vacuum, Sewing & Allergy Center in Evansville, Indiana is a premier dealer for Hoover® vacuums. Hoover® vacuums have been in the vacuum industry for the past 100 years. As a leader in the floor-care industry Hoover® provides floorcare for both commercial and household use.
Whether you are shopping for a vacuum for your business or one for your home Hoover® Queen Mary’s will have the product for you!

Our Evansville, Indiana vacuum store has access to all Hoover® models. If we do not have it in the store, then we can order it for you!

If you want to learn more about Hoover® vacuum options then stop by our Evansville, Indiana store today!