Start Making Your Own Clothes

We have Baby Lock sewing machines waiting for you in Evansville, IN

Have you always wanted to sew clothes for your children? Maybe you’d like to create your own household items? A Baby Lock sewing machine from Queen Mary’s Vacuum, Sewing and Allergy Center can help you do it.

Baby Lock offers versatile sewing machines. They can be used for sewing, quilting and embroidery. The company strives to offer the latest technology to their customers. Their top models include:

  • Destiny II
  • Unity
  • Journey
  • Aventura

Make your children’s Halloween costumes this year with a Baby Lock sewing machine. Get in touch with Queen Mary’s in Evansville, IN to purchase one today.

Can’t find the sewing machine you’re looking for?

Queen Mary’s carries a variety of sewing machine brands at our store in Evansville. If we don’t have exactly what you’re searching for, we’ll order it for you. Talk to us about your needs today.